A Civilian Killed as a Result of Renewed Factional Fighting in Al Bab city, north of Aleppo

Date: September 30, 2018

A man was killed Sunday as a result of clashes between gunmen from two families affiliated to armed factions in Al Bab, 38 km east of Aleppo, in northern Syria.

The incident is linked to previous disagreements that have developed into armed confrontations and injuries. And today the situation evolved into clashes with weapons between “Najjar” family attributed to “Hamzah” and “Al Waki” family attributed to , “Ahrar Sham Islamic” movement , which led to the death of a citizen from first family affected by his injury.

On May 5, 24 fighters from Ahrar Sharqiya Brigade and Jaish Ausoud Al Sharqiya were killed and wounded in clashes with gunmen from al-Waki family in Bab.

The incidents of small and medium arms confrontations are repeated among families in northern Syria, under the “chaos of arms proliferation” and “security chaos” and the inability of the local administration and factions to control them.