Newspaper: Turkey Transferred The Leaders of “Al Nusra Front” from Idlib to its territory.

Date: 29 September, 2018

A report by Egyptian daily newspaper ( Al-Fajr) reported that “leaders and militants” in “Al Nusra Front” have been smuggled in recent days towards Turkey. This information comes after Turkey and Russia reached an agreement to establish a demilitarized zone in Idlib, which stopped an expected military battle by Syrian regime targeting the opposition factions in Idlib.

According to local sources in Idlib, Turkey has in the past few days transferred some foreign jihadist leaders from Jisr al-Shughour and northern Latakia with their families towards Turkish interior without knowing the final destination to be transferred to.

Most of those smuggled by Turkish authorities are well-known leaders in Idlib province for committing heinous massacres against Syrian civilians and military personnel in previous years.

The sources said that a number of local leaders and militants of HTS (Nasra Front) have also managed to flee towards Turkish territory during the past two days through a Turkish merchant, through the towns of Sarmada and Atamah, for ten thousand dollars for each leader, and five thousand Dollars for each “normal” fighter.

The sources confirmed that a large number of militants of “Al Nusra Front” and affiliated factions have recently sold their property at very low prices in preparation for escape outside the Syrian territory, while foreign fighters holding villages and towns and the sites they control, and intensify their preparations for the military confrontation, Islamic Turkistani and the Caucasus armies and religious guards.

The newspaper said that “sources close to the leaders of armed groups active in Idlib, – expected to announce the” Amir “the” Editorial Board of the Sham, “the current front of the organization of the” Al Nusra Front “terrorist (taboo), Abu Mohammed Julani, in the next few days position The organization of the final agreement reached by the Russian and Turkish presidents on Idlib in Sochi a few days ago.