Armed factions in Afrin re-arrest a citizen who had released him after his health deteriorated due to torture

September 26, 2018

Armed faction raided , wear military uniform , they carried a paper document claiming to be “an mission order”, raided Basota village and kidnapped Nozad Akram Tubal, 37 years old , to an unknown location.

Nuzad Akram Tubal was kidnapped twice, on 17-9-2018 was kidnapped by a group masked under armed factions loyal to Turkish forces, where sources close to Nuzad Akram came out of hospital three days after date of his arrest after being robbed of which an amount of three hundred thousand SP, as well as subjected to severe torture and severe burns were initially on his body, armed groups to re-kidnap him.

The sources said that the military police station of Turkish forces in Afrin city denied existence of detainee identity Nozad Tubal in response to query of his family, but that detainee people received a telephone call from an unknown source asking them to pay a ransom of 16000, sixteen thousand dollars, for his release.

It is worth mentioning here that Basota village is controlled by so-called “Al hamzat division” loyal to Turkish armed forces, and spread under its leadership many of the fixed checkpoints at entrances of villages in Afrin outskirts .