Turkey protects Abu Amsha from raping women of his elements in Sultan Suleiman Shah

August 29, 2018

The leader of militia of Sultan Suleiman Shah Brigade, Muhammad al-Jassim, nicknamed “Abu Amsha”, was protected by the Turkish authorities after he returned from performing Hajj in Saudi Arabia to escape the charges against him by raping women armed with his Turkish-backed support .

A source close to the family of Esra Khalil, woman who appeared in a video broadcast on Thursday accused Abu Amsha of raping her, pointed out that Abu Amsha sent threats to whole family and residents of Sheikh al-Hadid village from his residence in Turkey. He gets his reputation either from family of the victim or from his fighters .

The sources said that words of leader of ” Sultan Suleiman Shah” Brigade that he is ready to appear in front of judiciary to investigate charge attributed to him, lie and escape repercussions of story that occupied to public opinion demanding punishment, especially as he explicitly stated that the Turkish authorities did not know that he is required from which direction.

The sources said that Abu Amsha paid large amounts of money to activists and media to oppose charge against him and to “improve” his bad image in Afrin.

In the context, a head of intelligent department in Afrin police of “Euphrates Shield” Mahmoud Salo admitted that he raped a pregnant girl named Fatima and caused her abortion, and revealed involvement of many of his colleagues with crimes of rape, and robbery, where civilians are arrested and their wives and daughters are blackmailed and forced to rape or option of killing them and killing their husbands.