A’azaz area A leader of Turkish factions executed by bullets a woman in displaced camp in north of Aleppo

August 27, 2018

A woman was killed and a man injured as a result of launching of a leader in “Shame Front”, which was previously under Free Syrian Army flag , in Al Bab al-Salama camp in A’azaz city (43 km north of Aleppo) in northern Syria.

Camp director of Al Bab al-Salama Nizar al-Najjar , said that leader of a group in “Sham Front” nicknamed “Abu Faraj al-Libi” shot at woman due to personal differences, which led to her death and wounding two people.

Al-Najjar added that al-Najjar threatened to burn and kill all members of woman family , who was killed and threw gas material on the tents and around it in an attempt to burn it after relatives of the woman were detained inside it where , military police intervened to escape Libi with his brothers from the camp. Another source confirmed that result of the crime is due to a tribal dispute between former tribe Ala’asasneh and Bukhmis and evolved into an exchange of fire, killing a woman and wounding two people.

The areas under control of “Euphrates Shield has been” tensioned and security chaos and fire by soldiers and civilians led to deaths and injuries.