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Wounded in Fighting of Factions Loyal to Turkey

August 6, 2018
The series of internal fighting between Syrian factions loyal to Turkey has returned to the forefront as tensions escalate in inhabited villages and in the residential neighborhoods of Afrin.

Clashes took place yesterday at the Amara village checkpoint, “Omar” belonging to Rajo district of Afrin, where the barrier was targeted by the factions stationed in the village mountain and accompanied by the flying of reconnaissance planes over the skies of the area. The cause of the clashes is a conflict on the eligibility of the barrier and its imports from what is confiscated from civilians.

In Jarablous, violent clashes took place inside the city between pro-Turkey groups within the Free Police and a group of the Free Army, in which a number of civilians were injured.

There were also clashes between elements of the Tronda checkpoint of the 23rd Brigade, which is robbing civilians and imposing huge sums of money as a result of disagreements over the import of the barrier.