Afrin: Appeals to reveal the fate of detainees from the village of Naza

August 6, 2018

Gunmen from the Sultan Murad, who is fighting under the banner of the Turkish army, arrested dozens of residents of the village of Naza two months ago, in district of Sherwa of Afrin, which includes about 150 houses.

Where a number of the arrested  were released while the fate of most of them is still unknown, including “Adnan Khalil Mohammed and his son Salem,” where the platoon had also confiscated the tractor and expulsed  his wife Mrs. Nabieh from her house and converted it to a military headquarter.

The village of Naza is still one of the villages where the Turkish army and its loyal factions refuse to return the majority of their inhabitants. All the houses of the village have been robbed and looted by the militants. They settled 150 families of displaced persons in the Syrian settlement areas instead of the owners. While only 60 of its original inhabitants were returned. The families of the village are being harassed by the settlers and their homes have been forcibly occupied, and their inhabitants have been expelled because of the Turkish military actions, aerial bombardments and artillery.

The pro-Turkish militants took control of the village in late February 2018. The village remained empty except for the gunmen who prevented the villagers from returning home to find their families in the village. After some strenuous attempts, about 60 families from the village were able to return to it starting in mid-May of this year.

But the “Sham Corps” of the brigade “Sultan Murad” who control the village,  prevented (9) families of housing in their homes are:

  • 1- Abdo Khalil Sheikho (headquarters of the Sham Corps)
  • 2- Mohammed Elo Abdo (close to the headquarters of the Sham Corps)
  • 3- Ali Hamo Jameel (headquarters of the Sham Corps)
  • 4- Zakaria Hamo Hassan (headquarters of the Sham Corps)
  • 5- Zakaria Hamo Jameel (headquarters of the Sham Corps)
  • 6- Mohammed Khalil Khalil (living in his home civilian of the Sham Corps)
  • 7- Nuri Hanan Sheikho (no one of the Sham Corps is staying-in and does not want to hand over the house)
  • 8- Mohammed Tamer Zakaria (close to the headquarters of the Sham Corps)
  • 9- Headquarters of the Turkish commandos, but the elements of the headquarters do not
  • respond to the complaints of the people.