The construction sector is flourishing in Euphrates shield and Turkish traders control real estate market

August 1, 2018
Turkish traders and Syrian brokers buy more properties including residential houses, agricultural land and shops. Taking advantage of general situation and conditions of civil war in Syria. Turkish merchants movements are taking place in Syria and Turkey, where they buy real estate and land at varying prices, much less than their real value through brokers in camps in Turkey or Turkish cities where the owner signs the sale of his property in Syrian-controlled Syrian cities.
Since this region has been transformed into a place where thousands of displaced Syrian families have been relocated from Syrian cities as a result of agreements of reconciliation and sectarian displacement sponsored by Turkey, Russia and Iran, a large number of IDPs have been settled, get to million person that require to activation of urban movements to build houses, whether for sale or rent, and contributed to sudden rise of prices and large, does not correspond to income of population, where the Turkish traders to implement construction projects through Syrian companies and contractors, especially naturalized them, where allowed them to freedom of movement to and from Syria without problems .
The Turkish forces and the Syrian factions supporting to them through Operation “Euphrates Shield” managed to recover a large area of northern Aleppo province, including Bab and Jarblous, after withdrawal of ISL from August 2016 to March 2017.
On March 24, Olive Branch forces imposed an occupation of Afrin area after 64 days of shelling that killed at least 300 civilians and more than 1,000 wounded and displaced more than 250,000 civilians from their villages and towns.