AANES reveals final outcome of Turkish attacks

AANES held a press conference to reveal the recent outcome of the attacks of the Turkish occupation state on the regions of NE Syria in the period extending from the 5th to the 9th of this October.

The press conference was organized in the hall of the External Relations Department of the Autonomous Administration in the city of Qamishlo, was attended by dozens of institutions and media outlets in NE Syria.

The conference began with the reading of a statement by the co-chair of the Executive Council of the Democratic Autonomous Administration in the Jazera Region, Talaat Younis.

The statement began: “In continuation of its hostile policies and with the aim of destroying the economic, human and security capabilities of the region and under false pretexts, the Turkish state carried out a brutal aggression against the regions of NE Syria in the period from the fifth to the ninth of this October with various types of destructive weapons, targeting service and vital facilities and infrastructure.

The final outcome of the Turkish attacks on the region, as follows:

“1- More than 5 million citizens were affected as a result of targeting the oil sector, including gas and fuel services, as a result of targeting 17 sites and facilities, including the vital Suwaydiya station, which supplies all the NE Syria with electricity and gas, and other sites in the countryside of Tirbespiyê, Çil Agha, and Derik.

2- 11 power station sites were targeted, and more than two million people were affected by this targeting in the regions of Hasaka, Amuda, Rmelan, Tirbespiyê, Qamishlo, Al-Darbasiyah, and all their countrysides.

3- Two water sites were damaged, which led to the cessation of 18 stations in the Al-Jazera area as a result of the targeting and the cutting of the electricity.

4- Two hospitals were completely out of service in Al- Jazera and Kobani region.

5- The educational process was halted and thousands of students were deprived of education as a result of the targeting of 48 educational sites. As a result, two children were martyred and another girl was injured.

6- Three industrial facility sites were out of service in several areas of Al-Jazera and Kobani.

7- An internal security forces training academy specialized in combating drugs was completely destroyed in the Rmelan. The efforts and work of this center to protect society from this dangerous scourge have stopped, and protection and awareness programs have been disrupted.

The number of sites, facilities, and centers of electricity, oil, and education targeted by the Turkish occupation state reached 104 sites, including destroyed, damaged, and out of service.

580 air and ground strikes were carried out from maximum Derik to Al-Shahba, and these strikes included all areas of the Autonomous Administration, from 5 to 9 October of this year.

During this aggression, 44 people were martyred and 55 wounded, including civilians, children, the Internal Security Forces – the Asayish, and the Syrian Democratic Forces. “Including 29 martyrs from the anti-narcotics forces.”

AANE called on “all active forces in Syria, the United Nations and human rights institutions, the Security Council, and societal and civil activities to come out with clear positions regarding Turkey’s practices against our regions.

AANES condemned what “happened in Gaza in terms of targeting hospitals and resulting civilian casualties, including children. Everyone must strive to prevent the development of violence and resolve all matters through dialogue. We also call on all organizations, events and parties that contributed to achieving stability.” With us in our regions to redouble their efforts towards the rehabilitation of destroyed facilities and structures in cooperation with the efforts of the Autonomous Administration to ensure the progress of work towards achieving and maintaining stability by returning what was destroyed to return and support livelihoods and service provision endeavors.”