Afrin: Violations have escalated since June

Since March, the violations and arrests of Afrin residents have been continuing from those who staying in it under the oppression of Turkish army and the armed factions working under its shadow since they entering the city.
This armed factions in Afrin city and it’s villages are arresting civilians and taking them to their headquarters and torture them and then impose a sum of money on them for their release.
The release process is done after paying the money. Sometime civilians are killing as a result of the horrific torture or because inability of their families to secure the amount required for their release by the factions of “olive branch”. The last one killing a civilian and torturing his brother after raiding their house and robbing their property from gold and money. His brother also died as a result of severe beatings.
“Ahrar al-Sharqiya” faction resettle more than 20 young people from “East Ghouta” in Rajo town. The young men were former fighters of the Rahman Corps and were resettled by the group after being recruited into Afrin.
The youths were former fighters in “Al Rahman Corps” and were resettled by Ahrar al-Sharqiya after being recruited in Afrin. While seizure civilians property continue from land, farms, cars and houses by this faction and its fighters and transfer what can be transferred out of Afrin.
Some factions set fire to citizens’ property as revenge against some of them. And the non-payment of taxes by the people for these factions in Afrin city and Balbali, Sheraw, Shara, Jenders, Rajo, Mabtli and Mydan Akbis areas, the factions set fire to hundreds of olive trees. Which led to resentment of the people because Turkish forces failed to stop these factions.
Turkish occupation for Al Bab city:
In Al Bab Syrian city, which is also under Turkish occupation and armed factions. 450 new police officers joined the security forces of the “Euphrates Shield” area in the northern suburbs of Aleppo, which was entered by the Turkish army and the Free Syrian Army after ISIS withdrawal in February 2017, after being trained by police officers in the region.
According to the Anatolia News Agency, the graduation ceremony took place in Al Bab city, east of Aleppo. By presence of Deputy Governor of Gaziantep the Turkish city, Shenul Asmar.
The new police officers will perform their duties in the same city. During the ceremony, the graduates reviewed the abilities and skills they had acquired. As well as the use of sniffer dogs to detect explosives and drugs.
The police officer in Al Bab city Yousef Shibli, told the Anatolia correspondent, that the graduates have undergone a special training course, in order to contribute the security for Al Bab city.
“This is the fourth training course for new police officers” Shibli said.
He explained that the training includes how to deal with security events, and how to perform their duty in the security of the city.