Turkish bombing turns church of Mar Sawa al-Hakim into rubble

Turkish bombing turned the Church of Mar Sawa al-Hakim into a pile of rubble. The brutal bombardment also damaged the schools of the Assyrian village of Tel Tawil, west of Tel Tamer district, Al-Hasakah canton.

vdcreporter monitored destruction and direct targeting of the Tal Tawil’s church during his tour in the village.

The Assyrian village of Tal Tawil is divided into two parts, one of which is called Umm Ghafa and Tal Tawil.

vdc’s reporter was unable to reach the villagers’ houses located to the west of the village, as it is close to the village of Al-Aresha and opposite the base of the Turkish occupation army in the village of Daoudia, as any movements in those houses are targeted.

vdc’s confirmed that most of the village’s houses were destroyed by indiscriminate shelling, in addition to great damage to the electricity networks and even the village’s trees and roads.

The number of schools that were targeted in Tal Tamr district has risen to nine during the current year, besides to houses of worship that were targeted by the occupation in the villages of Dardara, Tawila, andAl-Asadiya.

Turkey and its mercenaries are committing crimes against the region and its residents, before the eyes of the so-called guarantor powers of the cease-fire agreements.