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Northeast Syria: Four-year-old Ebdo lost a leg in Turkish attack

Artillery and drone attacks, reportedly by Turkish forces and affiliated militia, targeted the city of Kobanê in northeast Syria and a number villages around the city on Sunday.

During the attacks that came on the seventh anniversary of the liberation of the area from the Islamic State (ISIS), one individual in the village of Xanê was killed while 12 were seriously injured, among them three children.

Four-year old Ebdo Mistefa Henîfî lost a leg in the surgical operation he had in the hospital as a result of his injuries.

The father Mistefa Henîfî told Hawar News that they were sitting in their porch in their village of Qeremox as the attack began and Ebdo was playing in front of them when he was hit.

“Two children and four women from our family were injured,” he said. “The condition of my wife and her sister, who are both being treated at a hospital in Raqqa is not good nor is the condition of my brother’s wife who is being treated in Manbij.”

Xerib Hiso, the co-chair of the Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM), pointed out that Turkish forces were trying to start a full blown war. He said: “They are trying to lure us into a war and justify a massacre with these dirty tactics,” and added: “They seek revenge on the great resistance of Kobanê that they have never been able to accept.”

As a result of Turkey’s continuous attacks against Kobanê, five young people were recently killed on 25 December 2021.

On 23 October 2021, three members of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the major force that defeated ISIS and ended its presence in Syria, lost their lives in yet another attack by Turkey in Kobanê, and on 20 October, a Turkish drone targeted a car killing two individuals.

Turkey has been freely carrying out attacks in North and East Syria after the defeat of ISIS and is facing no international reaction, neither from the countries partaking in the International Coalition against ISIS, nor from Russia who is present in the region.

A campaign for solidarity with Ebdo has been launched on social media platforms.