Bloody Saturday in Occupied Afrin Prior to Biden_Ardogan Meeting

At 6:48 pm Saturday afternoon in 12th of June 2021, a very tragic massacre happened in Afrin with the result 21 civilians lost their lives and 31 others were injured. But the most horrific attack was against Avrin hospital ( before Turkish occupation) now it is called Al_Shifa’ hospital, the bloody scene in the hospital shocked everyone and the question was: who might have done the attacks and why?
SDF’ leader general Mezlum Abdi condemned the attacks and refused the accusations against them and said that” attacking civilians and hospitals are against the international laws”.

Simultaneous attacks…sleepless night
When Afrin was attacked , rockets were shelled from Azaz, Kiljibreen village against Afrin IDPs in Tal Rifaat. The shelling targeted residential areas with the result people were terrified and children couldn’t sleep because of the intensive shelling all around Tal Rifaat. A lot of damages were caused and a 12 year old child called Issa Mohammed Issa from Aqibe village was injured.
It is worth mentioning that Shehba is under embargo where there is a great shortage of medicine and it is not allowed to bring medications into Shehba due to Syrian security beriers’ restrictions.
Next Day Turkish Drone attacking civilians
According to resident people in Tall Rifaat town, at 10:42 am on Sunday morning in 13th of June, one Turkish drone shelled the main street in the souk area and around the hill with the result some houses were damaged. It is worth to mention that the Russian warplanes have flown over Afrin and Shehba none stope and still flying . The Russians have witnessed everything from air without any interference to stop the chaotic situation.
At the end:
People now inquire why do all of these attacks have to happen prior to Biden_ Erdogan meeting in 14th of June??! There might be many analysis and different answers but they don’t matter because what really matters is the fact that Afrin people in and out of their land are victims of the armed conflicts and they face real terror.
Dear reader, as you read this article the shelling goes on..