A statement of condemnation : For the Syrian National Coalition to host one of those accused of war crimes, according to the reports of the UN organizations

A statement of condemnation

For the Syrian National Coalition to host one of those accused of war crimes, according to the reports of the UN organizations
Since the issuance of the report of the International Commission of Inquiry on Syria submitted to the Human Rights Council in its Fifth and four session 2 September – 14 October 2020 and the subsequent report of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights regarding violations in northern Syria on 18, September 2020
And their affirmation that the Turkish occupation forces and the Syrian armed factions affiliated with it have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity in the Syrian regions with Kurdish characteristics, and listed a series of crimes that rise to the level of war crimes
The Turkish occupier did not turn a blind eye, and he did not calm down, as he worked hard, through his mercenaries from the leaders of the Syrian National Coalition, with their various political and ethnic affiliations, to organize several field visits for them to the occupied areas, especially the city of Afrin, in a miserable attempt by them to refute and deny what was stated in the reports of these organizations The international community includes crimes and violations in an effort to bleach and beautify the ugly face of the occupation, by personalizing those crimes and violations and mitigating their effects and placing them in the category of individual actions sometimes, denying them and denying their occurrence at other times
Whereas, after the visit of the coalition delegation headed by its president Nasr Hariri and the membership of the “Kurdish” member in the political body, Abdullah Kado, and the scandal of their blessing to a group of settler thieves who were caught red-handed while stealing and looting the olive fields belonging to one of the displaced Kurds, by honoring them, taking memorial photos with them and wandering around them accompanied them in the seized olive field by force of arms
This was followed by another heavy scandal, which was the reception of the Syrian National Coalition, represented by its head, Nasr Hariri, in the presence of:
Abdel Basset Abdel Latif: Secretary General of the National Coalition
Riyad Al-Hassan: Secretary of the Political Authority
Abdullah Kado: Member of the Political Authority
Ahmed Al-Shehade: Coordinator of the Coalition Office in the countryside of Aleppo
A military delegation of leaders of the so-called Syrian National Army from the eastern region at the coalition headquarters in Azaz on Monday 23/11/2020
The host delegation accused of committing war crimes, according to the reports of the above-mentioned international organizations, was led by Ahmad Hassan Fayyad Al-Hayes (Hatem Abu Shakra), leader of the Ahrar Al-Sharqiya faction, who personally supervised the field execution of the Kurdish politician and the co-chair of the Future Syria Party, Havrin Khalaf, and two of her companions On October 12, 2019, near the artesian village, located on the M4 highway north of Raqqa.
This reflects and confirms the extent of the Syrian National Coalition’s involvement with all its political, ethnic and religious components in representing, encouraging and supporting the mercenary factions that daily commit dozens of heinous crimes against civilians in the occupied areas, including murder, arrest, kidnapping, torture and demand for ransom, in addition to the crimes of rape, forced marriage, and looting of agricultural crops. The cutting and burning of fruit trees, because the coalition forms a political umbrella for these armed factions through the Ministry of Defense and the staff of the interim government affiliated with it
This requires and calls for us, as human rights and civil organizations, and in the context of our condemnation of the crimes committed there against civilians and the demand for accountability for those responsible, we demand that the international organizations and bodies hold the Syrian National Coalition responsible equally with the occupying power, Turkey, for the war crimes committed in the predominantly Kurdish regions of Syria on a daily basis. And methodical
And the request of the international community to place the coalition on the list of organizations that support and finance terrorism, cut all forms of material and moral support from it, and refuse to deal with it as a representative of the Syrian people.
With our condemnation and denunciation of those suspicious and paid visits by the leaders of the coalition to the occupied territories in order to perpetuate and legitimize the occupation and beautify its criminal record
Signatory organizations:
1- The Kurdish Legal Committee
2- The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights
3- Human Rights Organization Afrin – Syria
4- The Threatened Peoples Association – Germany
5- Violations Documentation Center in North and East Syria
6- Lekolin Center for Legal Studies and Research
7- Human Rights Organization on the AL_Jazeera
8- Afrin media Center
9- Human Rights Organization in the AL_Forat
10- The Human Rights Committee in Syria (MAF)
11- The Kurdish Association for the Defense of Human Rights in Austria
12- Human Rights Organization in Syria (MAF)
13- The Kurdish Hevi Association – Belgium
14- Lawyers Union, Afrin region
15- Adel Center for Human Rights
16- The Yazdina Foundation
17- Yazidi Union of Syria
18- The Working Group for Afrin
19- The Kurdish Committee for Human Rights (Al-Rased)
20- Center for Research and Protection of Women’s Rights
21- The Kurdish Center for Studies
22- Tal Abyad Forum for Civil Society.
23- Kurdish antenna network
24 – Afrin Post News Network.

25-Syrian Kurdish journalists network