After a video of children torture in Al-Bab prison… a second video of children being employed in cleaning the “toilets” with their nails in Afrin

A video from inside the police department of Sharan in Afrin city spread to detained children who are being used to clean the “toilet” with their hands and fingernails, where voices are heard of men threatening the children and asking them to speed up.

The directorate is under the command of police officer Osama al-Mahmud, who is from Mara’a and appointed by Turkey.

The police forces in the Security Directorate of Sharan admitted in a statement that its members punished the detained children in cleaning the bathrooms, considering it an individual act and justified him as a photographer with an old history and that these children were imprisoned for rape.

A second video leaked from the Civil Police Department, or is known as Free Police in the northern city of al-Bab, shows children being beaten for theft by Lieutenant Ahmed Osman.