Mazlom abdi: terms of Manbij Agreement have been implemented, this file has been closed

The commander in chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces Mazloum Abdi said that what is happening in the east of the Euphrates has nothing to do with Manbij. Abdi added that they had done all they should about the Manbij agreement.

This came in an interview conducted by ANHA agency with the commander in chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces Mazloum Abdi in conjunction with the third anniversary of the liberation of the city of Manbij.

Abdi started by congratulating the people of Manbij on the anniversary of the liberation of the city,

“We also commemorate all the martyrs of the liberation campaign of Manbij represented by the martyr Abu Laila. We pledge the martyrs to defend and protect Manbij to be an essential part of the future,” Abdi said.

‘Liberation of Manbij was a diplomatic and political victory’

Abdi noted that the campaign to liberate Manbij was not only a military campaign, but also a diplomatic and political campaign, adding “the campaign was carried out creatively and successfully. At that time, the YPG was stationed in Kobani. Manbij Civil Council asked for their support in the campaign to liberate Manbij. There were many forces that were seeking to enter Manbij, especially those forces now belonging to the Turkish state and the Syrian regime. They also recognized our troops during the battles This was a diplomatic and political victory for the military council in Manbij. They made it clear to the whole world that they only trust the YPG and YPJ. It also blocked the way for those who were seeking to enter Manbij to achieve different goals. ”

‘Heroic battles against Daesh’

Abdi pointed out that for the first time there was a large force of thousands of fighters crossing the Euphrates heroically, supported by tanks and guns in order to confront a large enemy such as ISIS, adding “In two and a half months, great battles were fought from neighborhood to neighborhood until the city of Manbij was liberated.”

He said in the same context, “This great campaign began on June 1 and ended on August 15 with a great victory. We in the SDF and YPG have fulfilled our responsibilities both in liberating and defending Manbij, and also in order to ensure their future. ”

‘We have fulfilled all our obligations with respect to the Manbij Agreement’

Abdi said that they abided by all the provisions of the international agreement on the liberation of Manbij, however, large numbers of fighters who grew up on the YPG principles reinforced the Manbij Military Council and were able to protect and defend Manbij and fill the vacuum. We in turn thank these forces, who were able to fill the vacuum created by the withdrawal of the YPG. ”

‘Manbij issue finished and this file has been closed’

Abdi said they agreed to the terms of the agreement between the United States and Turkey on Manbij and signed the agreement, saying “We have fully implemented all its responsibilities and all the provisions of that agreement. The one who stalled the implementation of the terms of the agreement and did not comply is the Turkish state,” With the withdrawal of our troops and military advisers from Manbij, and we have fulfilled this promise, we have successfully fulfilled all our commitments.”

‘What is happening in the eastern Euphrates has nothing to do with Manbij’

Abdi concluded by saying, “the issues and problems relating to the east of the Euphrates have nothing to do with Manbij, Manbij is now in a state of stability, the people of Manbij are running their own affairs, and the Manbij Military Council is defending the region, once again, we congratulate all these institutions on the anniversary of the liberation of Manbij.”