Media campaign to create Arab – Kurdish strife through videos fabricated in a silent way

The Turkish escalation campaign against self-administration areas of northern and eastern Syria coincided with a media campaign through poorly filmed videos, mostly aimed at provoking an Arab-Kurdish fascism that continues to be published and re-shared by the pro-Turkish Syrian opposition groups.

It’s so interest is time and arrangements by its published and publishers say it is leaked from YPG phones or Syrian Democratic Forces SDF, while “photographer” himself is focused on displaying specific slogans and focusing on them in exchange for hiding the faces of aggressors or supposed victims, Poor comedic ways .

The video is trying to show elements as Syrian democratic forces torturing Arab citizens, in order to create an Arab-Kurdish sedition in East Euphrates and Northeast of Aleppo and last of these fabrications was a video showing an element wearing a uniform and speaking in prosaic Kurdish language and he did torture, beat and insult them and to commit acts of immorality, while the tape shows a car belonging to Asayish and flag is next to it in a neat manner.

The tape shows that these are fleeing from forced recruitment, even though they do not apply compulsory recruitment to women except that the responsibility of prosecuting those fleeing the recruitment is military police responsibility and their dress is different from traditional dress and the car that appears is related to Asayish. It is different from SDF dress, as well as the element who beat wearing a thump, which is forbidden in SDF and the tape was circulated as in Manbij where control of Manbij military Council and there is no presence SDF flags in the region.
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A previous video was published showing young people whose features are unclear but speak a slippery Kurdish language. The video shows that they shoot a man and a woman in a representative way after slogans of glorification of PKK were painted on walls as in Raqqa city.

Notes reveal fake video:
The video was posted on social networking sites on 1 May 2019. Note:
– It was not reported in Raqqa or Hasaka, where the video was said to have been filmed for loss of a woman and a man since that date, although almost a month passed before it was deleted by Facebook.
– During shooting, no one hears any sounds from the victim, the man who received the first two shots and the woman who received a shot and was calm, no reaction and even fall of the motorcycle. They were puppets and represent a scene.
– The victims, especially women, did not move and remained firmly on the ground before and after shooting was assumed.
– On the wall falls Ocalan was written and there is a man who scans the writing .. After shooting and killing the man and his wife escapes the shooter to ride van in a hurry and rush the car from crime scene, but remains the person who scans writing on the site did not leave with them.
The person who stands near the wall does not move. It represents a writing survey on the wall. Only one person shows a pistol. He continues to be represented without any reaction. The pistol’s first shot was not aimed at victim. Nor does woman stand behind him
– Cars do not carry any pictures of Ocalan or flags of PKK anywhere within their areas.
– The photographer repeatedly checks Ocalan picture behind the car before and after the shooting and does not try to capture features and figures of car because they are the most important and do not focus on the victims or trying to expand photography site does not show faces of all people in general.
– All cars carrying numbers with a numeric plate and the car here does not carry numbers have been removed.
– photography angle, from site inside building above ground level and reveal that the scene is representative where the focus is on image of Ocalan and narrow girth so as not to include site is not recognized and avoid portraying people faces “Shooter and his colleague and driver and person who drives motorcycle and the woman behind him …” After shooting, lens was removed from the victims and focus was on Ocalan image behind car and pursuit of the car.
The victim on motorcycle is a military person, not a civilian and their clothes are different from SDF clothes.
– The camera was cut off after van left and camera was not returned to crime scene at all or trying to show the victims on the ground, person who scans wall remained in place did not ride car and the main shooter remained and riding car one person who appeared with a pistol in his hand.

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Another video was published under headline that members of Syria’s democratic forces were burning crops, but the video was soon revealed to happen in Iraq.

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Another video, such as a comedic way in which characters appear masked or do not show the features of their faces carrying Asayish signs and Traffic and badges similar to Syria’s democratic forces are shooting a man and a woman.

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He also posted a video showing a young Kurd speaking as a cameraman in a young man’s prison in the video suggesting he was raping women.

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