After his arrest in Azaz … demanded a ransom of $ 100,000 for his release

A video tape sent by gunmen to the family of Sharaf al-Din Sidu, 60 years old , was arrested along with two others a week ago in A’azaz district in Aleppo.

Sharafuddin Sidou, from Jandaris , a car repair and scrap sales business, has already sent the video to communicate with his family through WhatApp, the number is activated on a Swedish Sim card (0046727689669) as shown on screen display.

A ransom of $ 100,000 was requested for his release. A video clip showing Sharafuddin is blindfolded, bleeding as a result of beatings and torture, was sent to his wife Roshin to sell the car and also he do ask his wife to communicate with his brothers and sons and sell everything to find the ransom to save his soul , he been beaten every day ..
Documenting abductees names: Sharaf Sido / 60 years old , Rashid Hamid Khalil / 49 years old , Mohammed Rashid Khalil / 9 years old.

A survey conducted by the Center for Documentation of Violations in northern Syria since February 2018, the killing of 20 detainees in the Syrian factions prisons in various areas of Syrian-controlled Turkish in northern Syria and fate of 2 thousand detainees out of the four thousand still unknown.

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