In the pro-Ankara opposition prisons in Afrin: fingernails removal .. torture with electricity, hangs with ceiling

In the pro-Ankara opposition prisons in Afrin: fingernails removal .. torture with electricity, hangs with ceiling

Dozens of reports of practices and abuses have been published in different Turkish-controlled areas in northern Syria.

Suleiman Shah faction or as known al-Amashat is one of the factions involved in the daily violations. They transformed Shih area in Afrin into a closed colony, where gunmen practice violations amounting to war crimes.
The citizen (R S) included a lot of information as a victim of torture.

After the war, I returned to Mirkan village in Ma’abata area and from there, armed men from al-Amashat arrested me and drove me to Qarmitlaq village prison in Shih district. They tortured me for four days by taking my nails, electrocution, beating with hose and sticks and hanging cords at room ceiling and tied us for 24 to 48 hours. ”
‘All parents have paid money to return to their homes’
He points out that all families paid the money to allow them to return to their homes.
“The families who wanted to return and live in their homes were forced to pay 25,000 Syrian pounds, and there are families so far do not have the money to pay and now they live in tents in agricultural land, because gunmen did not allow them to live in their homes.
RS confirms that the families who have fled to Afrin take over indigenous people houses.

“More than 1,000 families settled in indigenous people homes,” he said. “Most of these families are from Hama province and its villages and al-Ghouta. They practice racial discrimination against the people, so that they complain about them under false pretexts. They are arrested by the so-called” security officers and they imposed taxes for the parents in exchange for allowing them to leave. ”

He adds
“Two months after my release, the gunmen returned and arrested me without a reason for four hours. They claimed that the Turkish state would arrest me and take me to Turkish prisons and that this would keep me in those prisons for many years, but if the money was paid, my problems would be solved and got out of prison. ”

And he said
“Al A’amasha took over olive season by stealing 25% of the season’s income for all the people of Shih, and the neighborhood council forced us to give it 10% of the season. The rest of the revenue is distributed to workers’ wages. Impose a financial fine on people for 50,000 Syrian pounds. ”

he added

“The council collected money from the people claiming that it would repair the roads, but Al Amashat Battalion arrested all members of the Council and tortured them and stole the sums collected by the Council. The citizen Ahmed Sheikho lost his life under torture. The citizen, Abu Nashat, also lost his life. Another detainee entered the prison and no information about him and did not know what his fate is called Omar Habash. ”

The annual report issued by the Center for Documentation of Violations in Northern Syria revealed that the number of detainees in pro-Ankara opposition prisons reached 3,900 civilians, about 1,900 of whom are still unknown, while others have been released, most of whom are re-arrested for ransom. The number of those killed under torture in prisons reached 19 civilians, including eight killed in the prisons of Amashat, including members of the local council.

Al Amashat forced local council head in Shih district to resign since short time ago and they had killed his deputy under torture after his arrest in June 2018.