Afrin without its population of religious minorities .. Yazidis, Christians, Armenians and Alawites

The local Hawar agency published a lengthy report that included Yazidis migration from Afrin after it was taken over by Turkey and the Syrian factions and groups under its control … The report revealed that Yazidis in Afrin were spread in 22 villages and in Afrin city center and they numbered about 25,000, In addition to the public schools opened by their affiliated organizations, and “self-administration ” to teach “Yazidi religion” under supervision of Yazidis union in Afrin.

The report also highlighted “Christians” who were spread in Afrin center city and the communities of Raju and Ma’abata and 20 churches and an archeological temple .. such as “the Great Good Shepherd Church” in Afrin city and census of their families reached 300 families … A thousand people … as well as the Armenians where Afrin lived 25 families.

The majority of religious minorities chose Afrin as a result of the “Syrian civil war”, where the region provided a suitable place for freedom of worship and prayer … Christians, Alawites and others in Aleppo, Idlib, Hama and Homs chose to go to Afrin to provide security and stability that was rarely in that period as a result of inter- The Syrian opposition itself, on the one hand and between them and the regime on the other, added to aerial bombardment by the regime and the violations on the ground by the extremist Islamic factions.

With the control of the “armed opposition” backed by Ankara on the city of Azaz in the countryside of Aleppo and border with Turkey in 2012 began the factions launched attacks on the villages of Yazidis nearby in the countryside under the name of “attacking the infidels,” and were able to control the villages of Qatma and Ola Qinoh Yazidit end of 2013, The villages of Jabal Qustal (Barzai) and the center of the city of Afrin. The Yezidi villages of Jabal Qustal witnessed dozens of attacks and bombardments, until they were conquered by Turkey in 2018. The Turkish flag was raised on the hill … after the displacement of its inhabitants.

With control of the city, the Islamic militias took over villages, houses, shops and Yazidis temples and destroyed them, looted and appropriated them … and converted them to mosques and forced few remaining population to declare Islam, pray in mosques and published dozens of video clips and gunmen mock Yazidis, most of them they are old men and ask them about number of rak’ahs of prayer and Islam in an abusive manner and ask them to raise zakat and proclaim their Islam …

In Bazufan Yazidi village two houses were converted to a mosque after the expulsion of its inhabitants … In Qustal Jendu Yazidi village mosque was built and rest of population were forced to attend the lessons of legitimacy, raising “Azan(saying religion words )” as well as in Burj Haider villages and Ghazwe Yazidi Morse .. Other Yezidi villages were The resettlement of displaced people from eastern Ghouta and Damascus countryside, where they turned houses in mosques and other departments of teaching of Sharia and distribution of their property as spoils to families of their elements.

In addition to destruction of Prophet Zoroaster statue and Lalash dome Union of Yazidis headquarters in the city, holy sites and shrines of 15 shrines, a place and a temple were destroyed, looted, burned and destroyed.

The largest Yazidis shrine in Mount Barakat was also converted into a military observation post. All Yazidi symbols, colors, landmarks were removed, they put Turkish flags and Islamic organizations symbols .

In Qutma and Ola Qaynouh villages, the small number of remaining population has been displaced and 20 of them have been arrested. In Basoufan and Buffalon villages, 22 people have been arrested, as well as in Qibar , Basoufan, Qustal Jendu and Burj Haider villages.

They also killed Abdo Hamo in Qibarah village in his house and then kidnapped his father and tortured him and took the ransom of him on 1-4-2018, as well as killing of civilian individual Omar Mamo Shamo from same village because he refused to pronounce Islamic certificate.

For Christians, Alawites and others, it is not very different … Most of the families fled the city as fighting progressed … Turkish planes killed a whole Armenian family in bombing of their home in Raju district on 23 January 2018.

Turkish planes also bombed archaeological site of Saint Maron and Julianus Church , one of the oldest churches in the world. The Roman churches, monasteries, tombs and Roman era tombs of were severely damaged.

As well as acquisition of the holdings of Good Shepherd Church and buildings belonging to destroyed monuments and holy sites …

Alawites their numbered 15 thousand people spread in the of Mobato Ma’abtli area, including indigenous people in Afrin and others settled in the region with the Armenians from the days of escape from oppression of Ottoman authorities and massacres in Dirsim and others, and they have many of the most important attractions, “Yagmur Dada, Aslan Dadah, Ali Dada, Maryam Dadah, Mazar Sultan Barabush, Sheikh Hamo, Sheikh Maam “.

Turkish warplanes targeted many of these places and shrines, destroying Yagmur Dada shrine in Ma’abata. The gunmen also vandalized and searched Av Ghara shrine in Ma’abata area center in search of gold and antiquities.

According to reports, no Yazidis, Alawites, Armenians, Christians in the city remained except for a very rare proportion … except for “detainees” or “missing”.

With opposition in attack 2012 on Ras al-Ain / Sri Kaneh town in Syrian Hasaka province, was inhabited by about 150 families of Christians / Syriac and Armenians … \ There are 3 churches / Church of St. Thomas Apostle of Syriac Orthodox Church of Mary Magdalene Syriac Catholic and Armenian Church. During the attack, the churches were targeted by the alliance “Front Nasra and Da’ash” with free Syrian army from Garba Al sham fiction ….. Several churches were destroyed at the time and the contents were looted and parts of them were burned … A number of herdsmen were kidnapped, among them Jonas Constantine and Marco …

A number of Yazidis were also killed and executed because of religion and their villages were burned in Sri Kanieh. They have 15 villages in the city’s countryside and are also heavily populated in Zoroastrian Quarter of the city.

On the 17th of August, the opposition alliance attacked Al-Asadiya village, 6 km south of Ras al-Ayn city, which is inhabited by Yezidi Jews. The village was surrounded by heavy cars with heavy weapons in preparation for breaking into it. After armed confrontations, the residents were forced to flee the village. He was brutally tortured and killed because he was Yazidi. His brother Murad Saadu Brou and Mustafa Ayu were also kidnapped and killed. Salah Ayu was also shot dead in Alouq village east of the town. He was killed by another citizen. Lezke Yazidi village west of Sri Real-time, as a result of an improvised explosive device, was arrested Nidal Abbas, from village of Tel Al banat and killed while trying to flee from the village.

Dardara village and Java Yazidis village east of the city because it is “Kfar village “, they claimed, while the other Yezidi villages, most of which are near the Turkish border, have been completely emptied Fearing terrorists who were taking the Turkish side to launch their attacks.

In Tel-Tamer town, 35 Assyrian villages, most of which are burned,

Since growing role of armed factions and militias in Hasakah and its countryside, religious minorities have been vulnerable to violations … On the main road between Tel Tammer, Raqqa and Aleppo, FSA factions have been holding Christians, Kurds and Yazidis. On February 23, 2015, the state then allied itself with Free Army to attack Khabur area in Tal Tamar village, which includes 35 Assyrian villages. In the attack, approximately 220 Assyrians were kidnapped between men, women and children. They were taken to Shadadi and Raqqa areas and they destroyed their villages , their shrines and their churches.

In Trabsbeh, which is considered the most cities of diversity of religious and ethnic in Hasaka and is predominantly Syriac and Yazidi since ancient times, Syriac and Yazidis villages on the border has been emptied mostly due to repeated violations by the Turkish army and fire by Turkish border guards .. Mala Abbas and Tal Khatunki, Zorava, Rutan, Khutila and Tel Jihan are almost empty.

Tal Jahan alone has witnessed more than 10 shooting incidents by the Turkish army over the last year, the last of which was the targeting of civilians and village church with a shot and mortar on 6 November 2018, which destroyed the church. The citizens of these villages are afraid to work in their agricultural lands adjacent to the border because of deliberate and indiscriminate targeting of Turkish army elements. A citizen lost his life on 2-11-2018 while crossing the road to the border Tal Jahan village.

They also find more than 20 Christian and Yazidin villages there in a northern district of Trabsibeh, which is adjacent to the border. More often than not, the villagers are forced to go to their villages at night through small roads linking the villages and not the main road along the border.