After a child and young man death today .. Syrian refugees number rise who were killed by Turkish soldiers to 432 refugees

Turkish forces continue to kill Syrians who flee the war in their country towards their borders and does not exclude even children and women, despite being a state involved in the Syrian war and supporting armed opposition.

Turkish border guards killed a child and a man and wounded four others as they attempted to cross the Syrian-Turkish border in Idlib.

Four children with their mother came from Kfarnanha village in Aleppo. They attempted to cross into Turkish territory from Harim area, where they were directly shot by the gendarme, killing a girl and injuring her mother and brothers. One of them was seriously injured. The gendarme opened fire on a young man Which led to his death.

The number of Syrian refugees killed by Turkish border guards or border incidents rose to 432, according to Vdc-Nsy (82 children under the age of 18 and 53 women) and the number of gunshot wounds or assaults 343 people.

The cases of “gendarme” targeting Syrian refugees attempting to cross the border from Syria to escape the war in their country are repeated. They have also built a wall along its 911-kilometer border to prevent the entry of refugees, resulting in continuous civilian deaths and injuries.