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Turkish violations forced al-Bab refugees to go to Manbij city

The citizen Yasmin al-Jumah who fled from al-Bab city narrated her journey bitterly, she went to Manbij city searching to safe place like others refugees from al-Bab city, who had severely suffered from poor of potential, insecurity and instability.

The refugee Yasmin al-Jumah is at her twenties, from Qidayran village in al-Bab city located about 7 km south of the city center, she lived with her father and three of her siblings, she was forced to displace because of the fierce clashes between IS gangs and Turkish occupation under the pretext to expel IS from the city.

Yasmin recalled during the attacks on al-Bab city when one of the mercenary entered to their home at dawn and beat her father severely without any reason to force them to leave the village in order to steal it, before the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries arrived, while they were leaving the village, Turkish occupation’s mercenaries had targeted the wheels of their car, forcing them to stop walking outside the village.

Yasmin said they found themselves between a rock and a hard place: the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, there, the Turkish occupation targeted them by shell near them, they were not hurt, but they were in a state of fear and panic, after that, we headed towards Sonabat village where we walked in the darkness, which is located about 13 km from their village.

After arriving Sonabat village, the situation was not good, after occupying the village by Turkish state, where the village witnessed many cases of kidnapping of the women and the chaos had considerably spread in the village, so their attention was drawn towards Manbij city which was in a stable situation after SDF fighters and Manbij Military Council liberated it.   

Yasmin had taken decision to go to Manbij city, so they returned to their village to take some their needs with them to settle in Manbij city, when they entered to their home, they did not find anything in their home, it was empty, where the Turkish occupation’s mercenaries had stolen everything, and they returned to Manbij city empty-handed.   

“Despite all the hardships we experience, we feel comfortable because we live here with dignity and security, and we are not afraid here of kidnapping, murdering and injustice.”

At the end of her speech, Yasmin hopes that the city of Bab will also be liberated from the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, so that the displaced will return to their homes and return to security and stability.