After a year of occupation … / 120 / million dollars losses of livestock and agricultural in Afrin

A report by the Kurdish Unity Party in Syria revealed that the loss of livestock in Afrin region exceeded 20 million dollars a year after the declaration of the Turkish war on Afrin region.

According to the report, number of cattle in the area of ​​Afrin before the aggression was about (cows – 2500-3000 / sheep / 65000 / goats / 5,000-10000) and the number of cowshed / 25 / (5000 / goat / 500 /), stopped altogether, because of the deaths of large numbers of livestock and poultry.

The report referred to the damage caused to infrastructure and farms, factories and factories were subjected to shelling, looting and theft. “The slaughterhouse near Afrin and poultry in Kobla village in Lilon Mount…

According to the report, the losses of livestock and its facilities are estimated at approximately $ 20 million, except for the losses of other animal species (horses, mules, donkeys, honeybees), in addition to the cessation of work or the destruction of some of them permanently due to shelling and thefts.

The report said that the arrivals to Afrin brought with them thousands of livestock, among them olive fields and plantations, in grazing of unjust, harmful and unrelenting and the people of Afrin cannot prevent them, at a time when mountains and forest forests are natural and cultivated.

The report accused the Turkish forces and their militias of attacking practices that violate international humanitarian law, calling on “lovers of justice and human rights, anti-terrorism and fanatical thought” to intervene to stop it.

In an earlier report published on behalf of the center, Afrin’s losses from the olive harvest alone, which was looted and seized exceeded $ 100 million, as well as the theft of property and the seizure of property belonging to the residents.