Father Who Has Stopped Meditating on The Corpse of His Son, Who Was Killed by Turkish Shell.

A picture that has spread widely in social media, has become one of the many pictures, views and tales the tragedy of Afrin.

The photograph shows a Kurdish old man standing beside his son’s body in the slope of Ahlam Mount/Kashi Kimari/, after he died affected by his wounds.

The old man is Mustafa Bozo, who is known as Muhammad Ali, 75-year-old, according to “Afrin Post” newspaper, he is a resident of Dal village in Mubata/Ma’batli district, and a person wrapped in a blanket is his son, Azad, 30/years old.

Azad was injured on the 16th March 2018 near his house in al-Mahmoudiyah neighborhood in Afrin by shrapnel from a shell that penetrated his head to leave life after his ambulance to the hospital, which was also bombed.

While he was being rushed to Aleppo hospitals for treatment in Afrin, he died near the “Ahlam Mountain” in the hands of his father, who had buried him with those cold hands in a nearby land.

On the same day, Turkish planes bombed civilians in their cars from the villages of the area of Rajo, where a massacre took place as a result of the shelling and known as the “Mahmouyah Neighborhood” massacre, which killed 21 people. and dozens of wounded.

The good news according to Afrin Post said that Azad’s wife gave birth to a child named “Azar” five months later.