Syrian Democratic Forces Deny Selling Oil to Iran

In an exclusive interview with Iran International, the high commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces denied president Trump’s claim that the Kurdish forces are selling oil to Iran.

President Trump had previously said that he is not happy about Kurds selling oil to Iran.

The Syrian Democratic Forces are considered the United States’ main allies in Syria.

Trump recently announced that even after leaving Syria, the United States will protect the Syrian Kurds.

Commander Khalil stated: “President Trump’s claim about Kurds selling oil to Iran is not correct for two reasons. One, the Islamic Republic is not our neighbor, and we don’t have a border with them. Country of Iraq is between us, so we can’t trade oil. And two, we only produce oil for domestic purposes because we do not have refineries. Therefore, we reject president Trump’s claims.”

On Wednesday, January 2nd, president Trump had expressed his disappointment at “Syrian Kurds selling oil to Iran.”

He also refused to announce a specific time for the American forces to leave Syria.قوات-سورية-الديمقراطية-تنفي-بيع-النفط/