No less than 60 civilians were arrested in Afrin within six days

Syrian-backed groups continue to violate their rights in Afrin region against their own citizens.

Gunmen from faction of Sultan Murad raided village of Kafrroma in Sharan area in Afrin after a siege was imposed on village. They kidnapped 20 civilians, including Adnan Agha, Mohammad Jabbu, Antar, Malik, Hanan Kali and Adnan and Muhammad.
A large number of arrests and raids were carried out Juwaiq and Qurnaila villages and curfews during house searches. Groups of the military police of Turkish army abducted about 30 people from village of Kortheila in area of Shiraa in Afrin. They were: Mustafa Khalil Kalu, Ali Khalil Kalu, Rakhin Ebo, Farhad Nouri Ibo, Walid Juma Sido, brothers Hassan Ahmed Othman, citizen Bashar Ahmed Othman, Abdo Yousuf Hamkarou with one of his sons, Shervan Hassan Nasser / photos / Ahmed Abdelhanan Ibash.
While the names of the kidnappers were not known in Juwaiq village and numbered 17 citizens.
Nami ‘Asuf’ Othman, 60 years old , from Bina village, belonging to village of Shirwa, was injured as a result of village being shelled by Syrian opposition factions.
The elderly man Mustafa Faris from Mamla village, in Ma’abata area and his wife , Hasrat, was also found in trees on Ternada road after they were abducted from their home in Afrin by the pro-Turkey armed battalions and brutally tortured.
In Qarmtalq village in Shih area, elements of faction of Sultan Suleiman Shah (Amashat) seized fruits of olives for (400) trees within field owned by Khosnav Dawood known as Khosho and currently residing in Afrin city using and forcibly under the threat of weapons and kidnapping groups of workers From people of Shih district.
In Khalilak Ushaghi village in Balbala area, some armed elements of the Ma’atasim Brigade beat a woman from nearby Qoutan village while harvesting olive fruits. These elements tried to steal the olives in front of her eyes and prevented them from doing that and so they brutally beat her, causing her loss of consciousness and falling to the ground.
He also documented the killing of olive trees by armed factions members from generosity of lawyer Subhi Iskandar and five olive trees from vineyard of his neighbor Ali Omar in Jandaris district and seizure of 15 olives bags from grove of citizen Hussein Suleiman in Jandaris district.
Ahrar al-Sham faction also confiscated 108 jerry cans of oil belonging to Tawfiq Hanan in Kuran village.
The oldest elements of armed factions (Samarkand – Ahrar al-Sham) to cut dozens of tons a day of wood forest trees from the heights of Tatara and Haj hasna in Jandaris area.
Settlers also cut down all the trees in the wall of homes they have taken in Jandaris villages.

It was also confirmed that all the organizations (health and relief) operating in Jandaris area provide services only to elements of armed factions and settlers.

The official authorities of Turkey (intelligence – governor) in Jandaris area to recruit residents in Atma camps in province of Idlib in health services and services, the nurse is appointed as a doctor and exclude appointment of Kurdish doctors and nurses.
The group of Abu Khawla (Al-Sharaqa Martyrs’ Association) renewed its activity “stealing houses – threatening the Kurdish citizens exclusively – kidnapping …. Etc. “in Jandaris area after they were expelled from city of Afrin.
The armed factions imposed on inhabitants of Ashkan village west of Jandaris district to pay oil from each house and gathered people seventy oil tins, but they demanded more and did not like it.

Al Hamzat” faction controlling Julaqa, Korkan, Jafyan and Jajayyan villages took 25% of oil output for olive groves whose owners are not present and for every 100 olive jerry cans and fields trees for local residents and 250 jerry cans of olives oil, especially from Gulaqa village.