The Alawin community in Afrin accuses Turkey of seeking to eliminate their presence in the region

The case of destruction of one of Alawin sects in Afrin city reopened the file of violations that are no longer confined to civilians on their own. Dozens of religious centers and shrines were destroyed, exhumed and graves were razed.

As part of series of violations and cultural genocide against Afrin people by Turkish army as reality ruler in the city, they began to attack destruction of sites such as Avesta shrine in Afrin city and Martyrdom of Martyr Sido in region of Jundressa and Martyr Rafik shrine in Shara and archaeological site of Brad in Shirawa area , the latest of which was looting and destruction of Alawi shrine (Afi Kiri) in Ma’abata.

The destruction of upper shrine in Ma’abata was met with discontent by e people:
Randa Mustafa , from Ma’abata region explained that aim of these practices is to blur pluralistic identity of region by using all brutal and repressive methods such as destruction and destruction of nature and holy sites and archaeological sites.

Randa Mustafa said that the Turkish army is trying to destroy Afrin’s fabric and demographics of province, through methods of forced displacement, resettlement, murder, kidnapping, looting and theft.

And about the destruction and looting of a shrine for Alawin (Af Kiri) in Ma’abata area, which was intended by thousands of Alawin from Syria and neighboring countries. “This is not only shrine that destroys it,” said Randa Mustafa.

Randa Mustafa pointed out that the purpose of the destruction of shrines, places of worship and archaeological sites is to eliminate sanctities of all minorities and religious communities in Afrin and not only searching for gold and monuments. “This is proof of their hatred of other civilizations and lack of respect for religions and cultures,” she said.

Randa Mustafa appealed to all human rights organizations to highlight violations and crimes committed against people of Afrin and their sanctities. “Turkey should be referred to international courts and pressure on public opinion to end the Turkish occupation of Afrin province,” she said.

Rohan Mustafa also pointed out that the violations of the Turkish occupation army are increasing day by day against the people of Afrin and its sanctities, as a result of the silence of the international community and human rights and international organizations, and that their silence serves these practices aimed at enhancing the identity and existence of the people of Afrin.

Regarding the demolition of the Alawite shrine in Afrin, Rohan Mustafa explained that the aim of the Arak to target the Alawite shrine is to completely eliminate any entity or superior presence in Afrin. “Turkey claims to be Sunni and all its mercenaries in Afrin are Sunnis. Sectarianism between the Sunnis and the Alawites, on the one hand, and on the other hand, Turkey aims to eliminate the brotherhood of peoples and tolerance between communities and components and co-existence achieved under the democratic self-management. “