An activist was arrested in the Afrin area on charges of incitement against Erdogan

The Free Police raided an abandoned activist tent in Al Yarmouk refugee camp south of the Syrian capital of Damascus, which is located in the Deir Ballut refugee camp near Afrin town in Aleppo, north of Syria, on charges of “inciting against Turkey.”

The activist Nawar al-Sakkal complained about factions harassment and accused them of “insulting and inciting against the Turkish government” through its activity on social networking sites, and demanded that it stop without arrest.

She noted in her publications on Facebook that she refused to come to the police station after the latter asked her several times for fear of being detained.

The court of Bab city (38 km east of the city of Aleppo) sentenced the end of last August to doctor Mahmoud al-Sayeh to prison and fined, for charges of attacking Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and criticized the Turkish policy towards the Syrian revolution on his Facebook.

Since the beginning of last year, Turkey has cooperated with Syrian armed groups that previously fought under flag Free Syrian Army on large areas of northern and eastern Aleppo, the last of which was Afrin region, extended its influence on military and civilian institutions in those areas.