Erdogan mother is named on a school in Afrin area in Aleppo countryside

October 11, 2018

Turkey has opened a cultural center for orphans in Mariamin village in Afrin region north of Aleppo, which it called “Tanzilah” in relation to the mother of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in an effort to change cultural and historical landmarks of the region. After its occupation and imposition of language by force of arms.

The new step comes as part of “cultural genocide” committed by Turkish forces under humanitarian names, especially after the ban on Kurdish language education in schools and the imposition of Turkish language alongside Arabic.

Turkish officials took part in the opening ceremony, raising pictures of Erdogan, his mother and Turkish flags on the center, as well as a large sign in Turkish called “orphanage and culture center”. It is an attempt to attract the majority of children from different generations who have mostly killed their parents during and after invasion of the city and are now aiming to implant Turkish culture in their minds after imposing reality policy on the public life of citizens. Turkey uses its religious institution, Cultural “in” Afrin “and Jarblous areas and Al bab and A’azaz, the appointment of preachers in mosques, and control of the curriculum and appointment of teachers and school principals