Suspension of a Kurdish Teacher for Work in Afrin and Referred to The Investigation on Charges of "Religious"

Date: 2 October, 2018

Turkish authorities have arrested a Syrian teacher and opened an investigation on charges of “religious” in a primary school in Ma’abtli, which is under the control of the Turkish armed forces in Afrin, Aleppo, northern Syria.

The head of the school said that “Afrin Wali ” of the Turkish government in the region met a few days ago in the construction of the “Court of Ma’abtli” with representatives of protesters who are displaced from the eastern Ghouta, and informed them of his decision to stop the teacher from work and to investigate with the charge of “Abusing Islam Religion .

Civilians and armed settlers from the eastern Ghouta to Afrin organized a protest last Tuesday in front of the headquarters of the local council in Ma’abtali, and stormed the council and assaulted its members, denouncing the appointment of a teacher from the people accused of “cursing the Koran” during a meeting with the teachers of immigrants later to find invalid The accusation.

Abu Ammar, a member of the Department of Displaced Affairs in Al-Ma’abtli, said that he was mediated by the Turks, dignitaries and clans in the presence of the district director. On Sunday, September 30, 2018, a reconciliation agreement was held between the local council and the Committee for the Management of Displaced Persons. On his members and sabotaged the property.