Factions descend from Deir al-Zour claim that Afrin land of her ancestors and thank Erdogan for their delivery to them after it has failed them

September 27, 2018

A video showing armed men from Deir al-Zour, one of the Syrian armed forces, said: “This is Afrin land, land of our ancestors. They were lost in road because of a sandstorm. They went to Deir al-Zour. This is Albagara tribe land . “We raised flags , even grass in Afrin is yellowest than flag color – adultery children – flag purpose of YPG -” and completes “God’s protection President Erdogan because we brought us here, they were support us to defeat Kurdish forces .

It appears from the video that it was filmed live broadcast through a social networking sites where gunmen talk to number of dozens to another friend appears to be in a European country and was fighting with them in one of military factions before traveling to Europe where one of gunmen call to return again and take up arms and he says I will return coming soon.

The guest asks them to rebuild buildings in Afrin and raise Albagara tribe flag. The gunmen say that they have already raised their flags. They describe land and mountains of Afrin that it resembles Europe and best of them resemble “Jazmz”, and that Afrin land is a better paradise than Europe, which you migrated to.