Arrests and raids in Ashkan, Prima, Dakir and Jouki villages in Afrin , north of Aleppo

September 6, 2018

Villages in Afrin region countryside witnessed a series of violations against the citizens , raids and arrests carried out by the armed factions of Turkey, “Hamzat faction” carried out a campaign and kidnapping in “Jouki” villages and “Darekir” in Ma’abata area and resulted in the abduction about 30 Kurdish citizens 32-year-old Kawa Omar was taken to Ma’aratah prison, which includes hundreds of civilian prisoners from Afrin.

While members of the ” Lawa Waqas battalion” loyal to Turkey, the village of “Ashkan Gharbi” of Jandrisah area in Afrin, arrested a number of young men and took them to an unknown location. They were known as Adnan Ali Rashou, Mustafa Mohammed Oso, Abd Rahman Kamal Oso and Khalal Mahmad Oso ).

The campaign included various places and various methods, where the gunmen imposed a suffocating siege on “Preimja” village after arresting men and women were detained, by preventing entry or exit of any one of them, while “Juwaq” village and the center of Afrin city were checked for Phones and social networking sites at checkpoints .

They also found the body of an unidentified person with a live bullet fired between the olive trees on the road that leads to Tal Sallur and the village of Muhammadiyah village, located in Jandaris town, where he was identified as Abu al-Dardaa Khasham.

As part of the process of targeting elements of the armed factions loyal to Turkey by the People’s Protection units(YPG) , the media center of YPG said in a statement published today that their fighters carried out an operation targeting the elements of Al Shami Front in Shara district in Afrin, through the “ambush” The elements, including one responsible for looting of the property of people in Decmdash village , resulted was death of two elements and two others wounding , namely: Hussein A’alitu from Tel Rifa’at, Mazen Gawish of Damascus , Omar Kano of Aizaz, responsible for ooting group Abdul Rahman al-Jader from Jarblous .

The Olive Rape Operations Room also announced killing of a member of the faction known his alias is fayz salah Al-Taha, nicknamed Abu Saleh al-Ghutani, during an operation of their fighters.