Armed Factions Impose a Suffocating Siege on Villages in Shirawa District

Date: September 2, 2018
The armed factions of the Turkish forces continue to impose a siege on the villages of Kibashin – Burj Haydar – Kafr Nebo – Burj Sulaiman in Shirawa district in Afrin – for three days, preventing residents from leaving the villages under any circumstances.
This severe siege was accompanied by an indiscriminate campaign by the armed factions, which resulted in the abduction of a large number of residents. Three days ago, 16 people were arrested in the villages of Burj Haydar, Wa’ara and Ma’ara Sikka.
In a related context, the faction “Al-Hamzat” imposed a curfew in the village of “Maarata” in the countryside of Afrin, through a decision issued today to prevent roaming after 21:00 pm.