Armed Factions Expel Villagers from Their Villages in Afrin in order to Seize Their Property

Date: September 2, 2018
The elements of Khalid Bin Al Waleed Brigade, operating under the banner of the “Al-Sham Corps”, expelled people of several villages in Rajo from their homes and then carried out a series of looting of agricultural crops, seasonal fruits and agricultural machinery belonging to citizens. The campaign targeted the following villages: (Midan Akbis, Karah Baba, Ferfekeh and Kherab Siluk).
These violations committed against civilians in Afrin occur under the supervision of the leaders of Khalid bin Walid Brigade under the banner of the “Sham Corps”, including Salil al-Khalidi and Major Hisham, nicknamed Abu Abdo, in coordination with Turkish soldiers, and also smuggle people across the border to Turkey for money, they did with the group where 11 people sank into river on 24/07/2018.
The armed group runs daily kidnappings against the Kurdish citizens in Afrin on charges of belonging to PYD and ransom of them after a period of severe torture against them, while local sources indicate that the same groups are trying by various means to seize the current olive crop.