Afrin area Turkey is working to establish a military supply line in Afrin instead of Bab al-Hawa crossing with Idlib

August 30, 2018


Destruction of houses and logging in Hammat village by Turkish bulldozers in preparation for Idlib battle scenario

The Turkish forces opened a new military crossing and expanded the road in Hammam village in Jandaris to use it as an alternative route for the delivery of military equipment and weapons to its armed factions in Afrin, according to documentation center in northern Syria.

According to field information, the Turkish forces took this step to be an alternative to link the countryside of Aleppo in the western Idlib province, in case Turkey was forced and under Russian pressure to close Al Bab al-Hawa crossing in front of “Jabhat Al nosra”, if the “Al nosra” refused to resolve itself in Idlib under negotiations Ongoing.

The Turkish forces have resorted to the implementation of this scheme pre-emptively a month ago by sending bulldozers that cut hundreds of trees and destroyed homes for people of the area, which falls within the scheme of widening the road.

The border region of Kuls province witnessed intensive activities to send military reinforcements to border of northern city of Afrin, in light of proximity of military action coordinated by the Syrian regime with Russia and Iran to restore Idlib province to regime controlling .