Afrin: The local council suspends its activity on conditions

The local council in Afrin city center announced freezing and processing of all its activities over several years, the difficulties that committees and bodies faced in decisions implementation , that because dominance of military factions and intervened them to council work and block to active their offices
A statement from the Council linking his return to work with three conditions:
The withdrawal of all armed factions from the area of Afrin and its countryside
Canceling security room from inside municipality council building because it’s a service council rather than a military council.
Do not allow the military police to enter the building but just civilians police that take mission inside of council building .
It is worth mentioning that the local council in Afrin established in the city of Gazi Antep in Turkish, after the military operations conducted by the Turkish army in Afrin, which ended to provide of basic services , but they failed to active their offices in front of Syrian factions that was fighting already under flag of free Syrian army to controlling all life sections spread in neig