Afrin: Daily violations by the Free Army under the eyes of Turkish forces

Tragedy of looting and committing the worst violations against Afrin people still continues by militants of Syrian affiliated to Turkey every day. While the Turkish forces in Afrin only watching, participating and blessing these crimes, which rise to the level of crimes against humanity.

Yesterday after the withdrawal of Turkish forces from “Meska Foqani” village, militants of “Ahrar Al Sharqiya” started looted and steal houses and property of people.

In “Chqmaqa Ser” village of the “Rajo” militants of Syrian affiliated to Turkey raided on Wednesday Hussein Abdulqadir Mustafa house a member of the local council of “Rajo”, they beat him with their arms in order to steal his house and agricultural tractor.

On Tuesday, the third of this July the militants of these factions arrested Subhi Bakir Sido citizen from “Shaykh Bila Tahtani” village in Rajo. According to the same sources the militants took that citizen to “Shaykh Bila Foqani” village, took his tractor then began to torture, mock and insult him.

On the same day, members of the “Shamiya Front” militants arrested 10 people from “Husi” village in Mabata, between the ages of 18 to 65, the identities of some them Mustafa Aslan, Abdul Karim Hassou and Khalil Husni. The militants also stole 30 mobile phones from the village.

On Monday,  the second of July , Mohammed Ibsh, 55 year old was killed under torture by members of the” Samarqand” militants. The victim from “Haj Hassan” village in Jenders.

Ibrahim Suleiman Hamoush, aged 35, from “Qajoma” village, no information about him since Turkish forces entered Afrin.

“Ahrar Al Sharqiya” broke into Rajo’s houses under the barrage of bullets. They looted houses in front of their inhabitants and set fire to “Hobka” Mount, amid cheers “we will  burn olive trees”.

Mustafa Alo, 41, from “Kila” village, was also abducted by “Faylq Al Sham” and taken to an unknown destination, in addition to abducting a Kurdish woman Shadia Mustafa from “Amara” village and taken to an unknown destination.

In Ashrafieh neighborhood on the fifth of this month, Mahmoud Sheikh Ibrahim, 36, was kidnapped and taken to an unknown destination for the second time, where he was kidnapped in late April and tortured by militants, to be released after signing a bond to give him his car (Kia Rio) as if being bought from him.

Ibrahim is married and he is father of a child. He is from “Kurzilah” village in Shiraa/Afrin. He lives with his family in Al-Fil Street in Ashrafieh neighborhood/ Afrin and his fate is still unknown.