The arrest of Sulaiman Ahmad a journalist by KDP forces at the Fishkhapur checkpoint

The Roj News website has reported the arrest of Sulaiman Ahmad, a journalist from their Arabic section, on the 25th of this month by KDP forces. He was detained while returning to Sulaimani from northeast Syria at the KDP-controlled Fishkhapur checkpoint.

KDP’s Duhok Security stated they apprehended a “PKK cadre named Sulaiman Ahmad”.

Contradicting this, Roj News clarified, “Sulaiman Ahmad, a Syrian Kurd, has resided in the Kurdistan Region for five years and has been an employee of our agency. On October 1, he formally traveled to northeast Syria to attend his father’s funeral and visit his relatives. KDP forces took him without legal justification or any given reason. He has subsequently been out of touch with both us and his family.”