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The human rights organization in Afrin published a report detailing the situation of olive presses and Bireen and soap factories in Afrin region since the Turkish forces took control.
The report revealed the existence of 250 mills in the area of Afrin, of which 191 are currently operating, 50 of which were looted and stolen and a number of them seized.
First : olive juicer number of olive juicer in Afrin area is estimated at 250 juicers
1 _ 158 old art juicers with low production capacity up to / 80 /bags / 250 / bags during / 8 / working hours.
2 _ 92 modern art juicers with a large production capacity up to / 500 / bags during / 8 / hours of work.
3 – the number of juicers working in this season / 191 / juicers according to:
Afrin city center:
/ 17 / is currently working and / 7 / juicers was stolen and armed robbery.
Jandiers area:
37 / currently working and / 6 / juicers was stolen and armed robbery.
Sheikh al-Hadid area: 18 / miners are currently operating and 2 are armed and robbed.
Rajo area:
19 / currently working and 8 / juicers have been stolen and armed robbery.
21 / Currently working and / 6 / juicer was robbed and armed robbery.
Bulbul area:
/ 10 / juicers work currently and / 12 / was subjected to stolen and armed robbery.
Shoran area: / 24 / currently working mills and / 4 / contemporary was robbed and armed robbery.
The report concludes that even a contemporary who is currently working has been subjected to a large section of his machines for theft.
And 59 juicers were unable to find out anything about them because of the intensity of the armed robbery and influence of the armed factions.

Al-Bireen coefficient: The number of Al-Bireen labs in Afrin region reaches (18) labs. Only 11 of them are working and 7 of them are suspended from work due to theft, armed robbery and even factories that are currently operating, the owners have paid large fees to maintain them.

Third :
Soap laboratory : The number of soap factories in Afrin area is 10, but we have not been able to know anything about them because of strength and influence of the armed factions.